Starting Out!

Starting Out

Overall Learning Process:

  1. Learn networking. Protocols, ports, services, routers, switches, ssh, etc
  2. Familiarize yourself with Linux -> basic commands, directory structure, interesting files, services
  3. Basic Programming ability. Start with Python if you’ve never done any programming before.
  4. Hacking methodology. The most important part. Get this right and all of the rest will follow.
  5. Practice practice practice. You won’t learn nearly as much from books as you will by practicing.

Learning Materials:



Tools to Learn:

  • NMAP
  • BurpSuite
  • Kali and how to create + manage VMs


  • only hack things you have permission to hack. Do not try to get into anything you don’t. Even port scanning can upset some security monitoring solutions. If you really want to try some real world hacking, sign up for HackerOne and follow their instructions. You will get permission to hack a variety of companies.
  • practice good OpSec
  • No you will not be able to hack Facebook / Instagram / Twitter etc.
  • Don’t offer services for a quick buck. You will get caught
  • Have fun learning 🙂
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the RISC team.